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Portraits of Those Missing and Kidnapped by Hamas

An initiative by Freshpaint Group and Yotzrim Seviva,
in collaboration with The Hostages and Missing Families Forum

In these challenging times, we hold on to our faith in the healing and comforting power of art. Between October 22-27, painters from all over the country gathered at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s square, in order to document the faces of those who we all await their return.

We hope to give each and every one of them their portrait when they return safely to us.

The families of the hostages are counting the days, hours and minutes, and call on you to count along with them.

By clicking on the button below you can download and add to any website a clock indicating how much time has passed since the hundreds of hostages were taken from us.

What else can you do?

Come and support the families in front of the Kirya complex on Kaplan Street
Spread the hashtag #BringThemHomeNow on social media
Share the stories of the kidnapped, as well as materials calling for their release – by clicking on the image below you will reach the video we made for the project:

Looking forward in hope for their safe return.

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