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Freshpaint year-round

Freshpaint art & design fair takes place once a year, usually in the spring. However, the fair’s team works all-year-round, in preparation to the fair and in initiating and producing various art and design projects.

At 2023 we Introduced the collaboration of Freshpaint and Tollman’s, that is meant to bring together design and art. Freshpaint art and design fair discovers and exposes the next generation of Israeli artists, and accompanies their artistic process in the form of an Artists’ Greenhouse. Tollman’s is home to international design brands, promoting the design culture in Israel. Together we celebrate the natural bond between art and design, understanding that they complete and complement each other. Art completes the design of the home, gives it character and warmth, and transforms any room into a unique, beautiful and engaging environment.


The collaboration includes new services such as staging projects for real-estate entrepreneurs, curation services and an online catalogue featuring artworks by the finest young generation of Israeli artists, available for direct purchase.

Photos: Tamir Rogowski

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