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Community Projects 2023

Since its first year, Freshpaint Art Fair has supported artistic activity for the community – in an effort to raise awareness, break stigmas, and narrow social gaps.

The Secret Postcard project is Freshpaint’s flagship social project. It offers for sale original postcard-size artworks by renowned artists and designers, as well as young artists and students. All of the postcards can be purchased at the fair or online, offered at a uniform price of 190 ILS each, and presented anonymously – only after the purchase can the buyers discover the identity of the artist behind the work they have chosen. 

Over the past 13 years, the Secret Postcard project has sold over 11,500 original postcards and has raised over 2,000,000 ILS for various social causes.

In 2023 we continued our collaboration with Arison Campus of the Arts – School of the Arts, Tel Aviv. All proceeds from the project were dedicated to the continuity of the art studies in the school, and to providing support for the school’s students arriving from disadvantaged backgrounds, allowing them to realize their unique talents, in a contribution to a true narrowing of social gaps.

All of the postcards are offered for sale on the Secret Postcard website.

Alongside the Secret Postcard Project, Freshpaint 2023 will feature a social-environmental project: a collaboration between the designer Maya Arazi and students from the fashion design department in Shenkar college, with women from the Soul Cycles foundation. During the fair, the participants of the project will hold an ‘open studio’ in which they created together – in the act of disassembling and reassembling used school uniform shirts – a collage connecting several shirts into one. The work in the studio will be open to visitors and will allow an unmediated connection between the audience and the participants. The profits from the sale of the t-shirts will be donated to the Soul Cycles foundation.

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