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Community Projects 2024

Since its first year, Freshpaint Art Fair has supported artistic activity for the community – in an effort to raise awareness, break stigmas, and narrow social gaps.

The Secret Postcard project is Freshpaint’s flagship social project. It offers for sale original postcard-size artworks by renowned artists and designers, as well as young artists and students. All of the postcards can be purchased at the fair or online, offered at a uniform price of 190 ILS each, and presented anonymously – only after the purchase can the buyers discover the identity of the artist behind the work they have chosen. 

Over the past 14 years, the Secret Postcard project has sold over 12,000 original postcards and has raised over 2,000,000 ILS for various social causes.

This year, in light of the events of October and the war that broke out in their wake, the project will be held in partnership with Umm Culture, the home of the Western Negev artists, whose activities connect men and women in order to build and strengthen communities through experimentation and multidisciplinary artistic creation. The association operates a studio for ceramics, painting and yoga in Sderot, and holds professional art workshops, community meetings, art exhibitions, and creative projects in the public space.

All proceeds from the sale of the postcards will be donated in full to the association for the purpose of establishing and operating “Open Studios”: educational-community creative spaces, managed by local artists, which will be established around the Western Negev for its residents, adults and children alike.

All of the postcards are offered for sale on the Secret Postcard website.

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