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Family Paint

Family Paint is a is a hands-on artistic event for the entire family, by Freshpaint art & design fair. It offers a unique interaction with artists and designers, and encourages original and imaginative thinking. The first Family Paint took place on Chol HaMoed Sukkot 2015, at the Tichonet-Alterman high school, Tel-Aviv, which was also inaugurated by Freshpaint in its 5th edition. Overnight, the school was transformed into an art & culture space, filled with activities suitable for children of all ages, teens and adults.

Family Paint offered the audience a variety of original workshops and masterclasses created especially for the event by artists and designers. Through their direct interaction and joint activity with the artists and designers, the participants learned about creation processes, technique and sources of inspiration, and got a glimpse into the creators’ rich creative worlds. Family Paint also hosted activities by the educational departments of major museums and culture institutions, alongside art and design initiatives offering innovative learning experiences in various fileds. Among the participants: Design Museum Holon, Israeli Cartoon Museum, Gutman Museum, Reuven Rubin Museum, Panda, Offbits, Monkey Business, Marot Photography Workshop and more.

In Addition, Family Paint presented an extensive exhibition by Gordon Gallery, and new works by over 50 of Freshpaint’s Greenhouse artists through the ages, dealing with family and art and expressing dilemmas about art’s role in our lives.

Family Paint was inspired by the words of philosopher Alain de Botton regarding the place of art in our lives, and its power to give us hope, offer for solace for our solitude, balance our lives and make us appreciate what truly matters most. In the same manner, Family Paint suggest art plays an important role in all our lives, and presents an energetic, open and inviting art world.

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