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Application for The Independent Artists Greenhouse 2023

The Independent Artists’ Greenhouse, the unique model by Freshpaint, returns for the 15th time!

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the team of Freshpaint graduates!

Even in these challenging times, we keep believing in art’s power to comfort, rehabilitate and re-build.

Freshpaint art & design fair has faced many challenges – security challenges, social challenges, logistical challenges, and more. This year is especially difficult. Despite the difficulty, we insist on being optimistic, and focus our efforts towards the next fair, in order to promote local creators, and offer the Israeli public a chance to enjoy their creations.

The Artists’ Greenhouse is the most inclusive and successful platform in Israel for artists at the beginning of their professional career.

Its purpose is to serve as a starting point for promising independent artists, to expose them to prominent figures in the Israeli and international art field and to enable them to make a living from their talent.


Each year a professional preview is held for curators, art professionals and collectors from Israel and abroad, as well as a preview for Israel’s business, cultural and social elite. Thousands of art lovers, including gallerists and influencers, are waiting to discover the future generation of the Israeli art world.


The fair has been cultivating success stories for years. Many known Israeli artists started their career at the fair, and following their exposure went on to receive solo exhibitions, got signed by prominent galleries in Israel and abroad, and participated in prestigious residency programs. The winners of the main art awards in Israel in recent years are all graduates of the fair.


The fair develops a variety of curatorial projects throughout the year, which primarily involve the Greenhouse graduates. The projects provide artists with additional exposure as well as a significant source of income. The fair’s new partnership with TOLLMAN’S focuses on curation for private and business clients, and offers artworks for sale at the brand’s nationwide stores and online.

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