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Artists’ Greenhouse 2023

The Independent Artists’ Greenhouse is an original model developed by Freshpaint, showcasing each year new, full bodies of work by promising, unrepresented artists at the beginning of their professional career.

Each year Freshpaint publishes an open call for independent artists. Members of a yearly-appointed committee, comprised of curators, established artists, gallerists, art critics and collectors from Israel and abroad, review the artists’ anonymous portfolios for selection. The anonymous selection process and the yearly appointment of the selection committee members, ensure the utmost diversity and promise equal opportunity for all Greenhouse candidates.

The 2023 selection committee:

Talia Cohen, Client Strategist, Sotheby’s Tel Aviv
Shir meller-Yamaguchi, curator, Wilfrid Israel Museum of Asian Art
Shlomit Dror, Art Curator and Consultant
Chen Tamir, Independent Curator
Amitai Hazan, CEO of Tiroche Auction House
Reut Ferster, Director Petach Tikva Museum of Art
Udi Edelman, Director and Chief Curator, CDA Holon

Later on, Freshpaint’s curators hold personal interviews with the selected artists, visit their studios and curate the specific works which will be showcased at the fair.

Freshpaint offers the artists the opportunity to win prizes for extraordinary work.
In 2023, the following winners were announced:

The Artist Shachaf Levy won the Israel Makov Award – a prize awarded as a commendation for significant artistic creation, which embodies great potential for the future. The award grants him 20,000 NIS towards a solo exhibition at the next Freshpaint fair.

The artist Yael Hovav won the Beeri Gallery Award, which grants her a solo exhibition in the gallery, accompanied by a catalog.

The artist Chen Chefetz won the Kfar Saba Gallery Award , which grants him a solo exhibition in the gallery, accompanied by a catalog.

In addition, the artist Adee Ardon, graduate of Freshpaint 2021, won an award as part of the Graduates 50X70 project presented at the fair in collaboration with TOLLMAN’S DOT and the Danish brand PAPER COLLECTIVE. Her creations will join the brand’s next collection.

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