Curator's Choice Award

Curator's Choice Awardis awarded by the fair's curatorial team to a choice artwork, selected from among the works displayed in Fresh Paint's Independent Artists’ Greenhouse. The selected artwork is acquired for Fresh Paint art collection and exhibited at the next fair. The winning artist receives a prize of 5,000 ILS in addition to the amount paid for purchasing the piece.

The winner of Fresh Paint 10 Curator’s Choice Award is Chen Cohen’s Untitled, 2015, 80x110 cm

Curators’ statement: "Chen Cohen works with a concise and tight index of imagery that was created over years. She returns to the same images, building and taking apart, assembling and reconstructing, adding and deleting, recharging them with new meanings. At first glance, the winning piece is experienced as a gloomy and monochromatic simple print. But what looks like a photo of a battlefield – a sniper rifle abandoned on the ground – at closer looks turns out to be a mutilated weapon. A rifle that has been stripped of its ability to fire and cannot perform the function for which it was created. The violence was directed towards the violent. What remains is a memory, a fading image, a grayish silhouette. What once contained a formidable force, is now discarded as a useless, unwanted object."