Play & Food #2 - An exhibition showcasing Danish craft and design - with a Northern touch

“The table represents the space where we gather for our meals. It is the space where conversation, intimacy, and gastronomic enjoyment meets.”  - The Shop & The Table, CPH.

The exhibition celebrates Fresh Paint’s 10th birthday by showcasing a table set for a birthday party with designs from ten Danish contemporary designers accompanied by a selection of stools from Norway.

In Denmark we care a great deal about “hygge” (coziness) and as we spend a lot of time in our homes we care about the products that surround us and we have a strong and long tradition for setting tables and collecting tableware.

We tend to combine functionality with aesthetics that reflects the climate and landscape that surround us. And this we have in common with the other countries up North, where our homes are a center for family gathering and a retreat from the harsh, dark winters.

The objects in Play & Food #2 are made of different materials and the variation of designs illustrates the aesthetics of todays' Danish and Nordic handcraft and design-