Street Art


The exhibition “Hyper-Vandalism” is dedicated to the young, dynamic, variegated artistic genre generally referred to as “street art.” It sets out to create a safe, empowering setting for such art, thus giving the works in it a longer life than they are usually granted. The show features the leading artists currently active on the streets of Tel Aviv: Ame72, Foma<3, Dover.D, Know Hope, Nesca, Miro, Sonic Boom, Eilat Tzin, and Shiri Blumenthal. These artists have chosen the street as raw material in their work. Although it is designated an exhibition, “Hyper-Vandalism” nevertheless succeeds in preserving the free, surprising, and anonymous quality of street art, while confronting viewers with questions such as: What is art? Who is an artist? Where can art be presented?

Curator: Yael Nir