The Secret Postcard

The Secret Postcard project is Fresh Fair's flagship social project. It offers for sale over 1,000 original postcard-size artworks by renowned artists and designers as well as young artists and students. All the postcards are offered for a uniform price of 180 NIS each, and anonymously. Only after the purchase can the buyers discover the identity of the artist behind the work they have chosen.

For the first time ever, on Fresh Fair 2019 the Secret Postcard project joins the Illustration Week – a cultural event that has been taking place for 5 years with the support of the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo. All proceeds from the project will go to the Snir Association, which promotes equal opportunity in education and culture. As a tribute to Snir Association and to the wonderful work of its many volunteers – Snir’s angels – the theme chosen for the Secret Postcard project is Heroes, and illustrators and artists were invited to offer their interpretation of this subject.

During the ten years of the project around 8,200 postcards have been sold at the fair, including works by the international artists Jake and Dinos Chapman, Haim Steinbach and Ron Arad, andsome 1.5 NIS million were raised to help children from disadvantaged families to take part in art programs.