The Viewer

The exhibition created for Fresh Paint under the title “The Viewer” is the contemporary visual art component of the Hungarian Cultural Season in Israel in 2019, presenting a curatorial selection of artworks by young and mid-career Hungarian artists represented by some of Budapest’s leading art galleries.

In recent years, mostly thanks to Instagram and other online platforms, general awareness about trends in lifestyle increased immensely, impacting both general aesthetics and how visual art reflects on everyday life. Inspired by this current trend and its spectacular impact on visual culture, “The Viewer” looks at how fashion and visual arts cross paths. 


Emese BENCZÚR (Molnár Ani Gallery, Árpád FROGÓ (Viltin Gallery), István FELSMAN (acb Gallery, László GYŐRFFY (Várfok Gallery)

Rita SÜVEGES (Inda Gallery), Andrea GÁLDI VINKÓ (Deák Erika Gallery), Patrícia KALICZKA (Viltin Gallery), Mira Dalma MAKAI (Art+Text Budapest)

Zsófia SzemzőInda Gallery (Inda Gallery)