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Curator: Elisheva Gavra

Virtual exhibition and sale that takes place exclusively on social Media.

Instagram: @yochaimatos
Facebook event: יוחאי מטוס – מכירת חיסול / YOCHAI MATOS RESIGNING FROM ART

Opening will be held at the Fresh Paint Art Fair 2018

Curator: Elisheva Gavra
Opening date: April 26 2018
Closing date of sale: May 26 2018

After two decades of activity in Israel and around the world, artist Yochai Matos announces his retirement from the art world and declares himself a “former artist.” Matos, who had many of his works purchased by local and international collectors, chooses to abruptly stop his art career in a “once in a lifetime” sale of his remaining works. In "Resigning from Art", the last exhibition by Matos, the audience is invited to witness the swan song of the esteemed Israeli artist and purchase his original works at bargain prices.

Fresh Paint Art Fair 2018 was chosen to host this extraordinary event. The artist’s space at the fair will function as a memorial hall, commemorating the former artist in a sound installation. A performance will be held at the opening night, in which Matos will reveal his plans for the future (Feat. The Kok-Schok-Club-Kids).

The Instagram account @yochaimatos will be the “Gallery” space. Matos is known for dealing in his work with the relations between the public sphere and the institutional sphere. The former artist applies street art rules to social media. The exhibition is actually Matos’ feed and will include about 150 (?) works. The sale will be held for one month, but the exhibition will remain open to the public as long as the internet exists.

In this Final-Resignation-Sale, the relationship between the artist and his work and between those and the audience is developed dramatically in a way that is taking over the art object itself. The work of art is transformed from an exotic dividend (in a stock exchange environment) that embodies “Art” into a dynamic element in a social act. This violation of the gallery-system rules exposes the ridiculous fetishization and ritualization of objects and artists that have taken place in the art industry since ever. In the exhibition/Harakiri ‘YOCHAI MATOS is RESIGNING FROM ART’, Matos invites you to join him to stab the metaphorical stomach of his career.

How Does It Work?

1. Click on the link

2. Choose a price

3. Send the purchase certificate to the virtual gallery staff

4. Choose a work from the existing pool and it’s yours

5. First Come, First Served!

* A link to the online purchase will be announced a few days prior to the opening of the Art Fair.

** Collection date of purchased works will be on the last day of the fair.
* * *  A second collection date will be set later on and will take place in the Former Artist's studio.

About the Former Artist:

Yochai Matos, b. 1977, based in Tel Aviv.
By 2004 completed his studies in the Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel. Matos begun his career as a street artist, later on he started exhibiting in private galleries and public institutions around the world. Among his exhibitions: solo exhibitions at the DOLLINGER GALLERY and the SPEIER GALLERY in Tel Aviv, as well as a solo exhibition at the MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART in Santiago, Chile. Matos has participated in group exhibitions in galleries and museums: UEF GALLERY, Umm el Fahim, HELENA RUBINSTEIN PAVILION - Tel Aviv Museum, THE ISRAEL MUSEUM, The HERZLIYA MUSEUM, THE PETACH TIKVA MUSEUM, THE WATERMILL CENTER in New York, MIS MUSEUM in Sao Paulo, LES GRANDES TRAVERSÉES in Bordeaux, TOKYO ART FAIR and many more. His works are acquired by private galleries and collectors worldwide.

In recent years, in collaboration with the interdisciplinary artist Haim Vitali Cohen, Matos founded the underground queer-subculture party KOK SCHOK, an emerging alternative art, fashion and performance scene in Tel Aviv’s nightlife. Starting 2018, Matos wishes to make a final exit from the contemporary art scene and from his status as an active artist by declaring himself a “Former-Artist.”