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With disabilities. Without disabilities. People.

This unique exhibit is the initiative of ISRAEL UNLIMITED – FREINDING which is a strategic partnership of JDC Israel, the government of Israel, the Ruderman Family Foundation, and the Ted Arison Family Foundation.

The FREINDING program brought together young people with disabilities who are leaders and trailblazers, with third and fourth year students in Bezalel Visual Communication Department into a creative process aiming to challenge the stigmas associated with people with disabilities.

The creations in the exhibit illustrate the personal meeting experience through the innovative medium of motion posters – a popular format that combines loops of progressing texts and images with typography and animation.

The platform of a series of posters displayed in the public sphere serves as a significant channel for realizing the mission of ISRAEL UNLIMITED – FREINDING to change attitudes, namely: people, with disabilities or without disabilities, are first and foremost people.