ART MARKET BUDAPEST in cooperation with FRESHPAINT and the participating israeli and hungarian galleries

A joint Israeli-Hungarian art project … to be continued in Budapest:

Art Market Budapest is pleased to present ‘Talking paper’, a group exhibition involving prominent Hungarian and Israeli artists and featuring a selection of important works on paper. The essential guiding principle of the show is the intention to invite artists from the two countries into a thought-provoking and inspiring artistic dialogue, offering their unique perspectives through their fragmented thoughts, and to highlight the contrasts and affinities implied in the specificity of paper.

Some consider it ‘art for a sophisticated audience’, though paper plays a crucial role in almost every artist’s professional development all over the universe, and in almost any creative process regardless of the media finally chosen. It links sculpture with painting, installation with video, it connects artists throughout the whole spectrum of artistic expression, and serves here as a tool for artists distant in the physical sense to communicate on a common artistic platform. The dominant feature of the show is that the selected artists have used paper as a medium, whether an integral part of their practice or not, beyond the traditional notions of its specificity.

‘Talking paper’ is meant to be exactly what the expression originally refers to: a draft or a sketch, free of limitations on its format, created for further refinement and enrichment. It is a framework or a starting point for artists and other actors on the Israeli and Hungarian contemporary art scenes to come, work, and think together.

This project is to be continued and further developed at Art Market Budapest 2017 where the focus will be on Israeli contemporary art.

‘Talking paper’ is presented by Art Market Budapest in cooperation with freshpaint and the participating Israeli and Hungarian galleries. Art Market Budapest will welcome Israeli art as Special Guest between October 12-15, 2017.
The organizers wish to thank the Embassy of Hungary in Tel Aviv for their support.