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MARGINAL ILLUMINATION / Fresh Paint 4 / Project

The exhibition "Marginal enlightenment" strives to shed light on contemporary works by eleven fresh artists. Cynicism-free, the works promote sincerity and perfection. Their punctilious appearance reinforces the air of melancholy they emanate. By means of video, photography, painting, sculpture, animation, and installation, the works address a range of approaches, relationships, and practices. The choice of materials and their treatment are surprising and charged, especially when the tensions and dynamics - between the materials and questions pertaining to light, space, place, and location, on the one hand, and between the medium and issues of identity, function, and gender, on the other - surface.

Curator | Naomi Aviv
Artists | Aya Altman Cohen, Lia Amir, Dganit Ben-Admon, Shani Broshi-Tubi, Barak Daly, Matan Golan, Sharon Ken Dor, Galit Masas, Sigal Naftali, Orly Nezer, Eva Shalev, Jane Simon

Dganit Ben Admon