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ANDREAS GOLINSKI / Fresh Paint 4 / Project

For the first time in Israel, German artist Andreas Golinski staged a site-specific installation at Fresh Paint 4. 
Born into a working class family hailing from an industrial area in Germany, Golinski's use of rough, "low" materials, such as steel, reflects the culture and setting that shaped him. Non decorative, his art does not strive to indulge the viewer, but rather to take him on a dark quest into the depths of memory and forgetting. The point of departure for his work lies in a concrete narrative, refined in a process of abstraction, which materializes in highly corporeal massive objects on the one hand, and in light and sound as raw materials on the other. In his works, Golinski is critical of art world strategies that have surfaced conspicuously during the years of the bubble.

Initiator and Curator | Tamar Dresdner