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THE PRINCIPLE OF MOMENTS / Fresh Paint 4 / Project

Karen Irmer and Uriel Miron's joint project calls upon us to explore everything that lies between the object and ourselves, and contemplate the experience of art. We shift from the unity of the work to the multiplicity that lies somewhere in between; from the dynamic seriality innate to Miron's sculpture, where constituent elements seem to grow into the space with every new glance, to the space and timeless calm underlying Irmer's photographs, whose ostensibly inscrutable surface gradually becomes deeper and more vivid. The project recounts the passage of time, from its capture in the object to its being spent by the observer; it addresses moments condensed to a single point, and subsequently serialized into space and time. From progression to standstill, from labor to rest, from process to unity, from the piece to the observer - we experience stages of engaging with a work of art.

Initiator and Curator | Friederike Schir

Supported by the European Cultural Foundation

Uriel Miron