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(UNTITLED (WING MACHINE / Fresh Paint 4 / Project

Rani Sasson's engagement with flight stems from the exploration of boundaries - those of her own body in particular - and their violation. Sasson challenges the limitations of the human body, striving to overcome them by supplementing the body with a mechanical extension of sorts, in the form of a wing machine. Her use of extensions is ambiguous. The sculptural object is distinguished from the body, yet attached to it. It may generate a fantasy, the illusion of a hovering ability, but this potential is never realized. The machine does not carry the body into a hover; despite its hovering motions, the machine itself is unable to rise above the ground. Its movements thus become an imitation of the restrained movement of the human body. Instead of the wing machine demonstrating the victory of the spirit and imagination over matter by taking off and even lending the body the ability to leviate and fly, the artist equips the machine with the human body's restriction of movement, its inability to leave the ground. The machine expresses man's yearning to fly, yet perpetuates his limitations, his hopelessly curbed movement. The wing machine is one piece in a new body of work addressing the theme of boundaries and limits.

Rani Sasson