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From the World to the World / Fresh Paint 3 / Project

Entering Yifat Bezalel’s installation, one steps into a fantastical world. In the space, comprising a large-scale ceiling drawing and its reflection on the room’s floor, the viewer sees various hybridizations of images from the natural world and duplicated figures. The work departs from classical drawing and classical motifs, but the multiple layers of superimposed images comprising it spawn an abstract image of nature. In her work, Bezalel challenges the artificial division between exterior and interior, while in fact reinforcing that very division. On the one hand, she presents a reflection of an imaginary world into which the viewer is invited to step, to engulf himself with it—in fact, the viewer is not only invited into the work, but also becomes a part of it; on the other hand, she implies that the place, namely the work of art, will always remain distinct from the viewer.

For assistance in the work’s installation,
thanks to:
Keren Bar-Gil
Art Partners
The wood courtesy of Tuli Wood Art Ltd.
Artist Yifat Bezalel is represented by Keren Bar-Gil

Yifat Bezalel