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Playground / Fresh Paint 3 / Project

In our time, the notion of apocalypse acquires a new status. Global environmental, social, and political processes enhance the sense of anxiety and disorder governing our lives to begin with. The installation Playground addresses environmental and social testimonies arriving to us from a postcatastrophic, destroyed world. It consists of different parts of playground facilities which appear to sprout from the ground: partly buried, partly visible. In fact, these apparatus parts are cut breadth-wise, dissociated from their bases.
The association between the playground,
with all the pleasure, childishness, naïveté, and merriment inherent in it, and the element of “burial” generates a tension which has intrigued me in many of my works. The playground itself is a common urban installation signifying residential areas, active life. Following the act of “burial” which I perform, the playground undergoes an apocalyptic transformation, so to speak.

Special thanks to:
Zohar Furstenberg, Inbar Dror Lax, Or Efrati, Ori Vardi

Orly Hummel