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Zeal / Fresh Paint 6 / Project

Curator, tutor and coordinator: Shay Id Alony

The word "student" comes from the Latin verb studere, which means "to direct one's zeal at something". The installation, entirely made of works by students at Sapir College, assembles artworks in several states – finished works next to ideas and thought processes, small acts next to big ones, preliminary abstract thinking next to meticulous labour. The space, which simulates a studio, enabled us to observe the students' work process. The works reflect the on-going dialogue between the students and the tutors and the art world, emphasising art's ability to use matter to express dialogues, relationships, mutual influences and patterns of social behaviour and thought. The viewer, who was assimilated into the installation, simultaneously became part of the work and a voyeur looking at the creative process from the side.

Sapir College