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The Hunter / Fresh Paint 6 / Project

Curators: Neta Gal-Azmon & Revital Alcalay

A new installation by Dina Shenhav deals with the complex relationship between man and nature, an encounter that promises man enjoyment, exhilaration and a harmonious feeling as a result of being part of nature (Immanuel Kant), but also harbours a destructive potential. The installation is composed of three parts: a "reconstructed" hunter's hut with its contents; a video work showing flames of fire; and a wall that creates a set of images from landscape segments. Each of the parts contains an internal dissonance. The hut and its contents – weapons such as an axe, a saw, shotguns – are made of bare sponge rubber, whose soft and pale materiality stands in contrast to their essence and their destructive force. The hypnotising magical powers of the burning fire hint at the destruction and devastation hidden in the flames. The wall of photographs and paintings presents small moments of beauty, but in a fragmented way that creates a disrupted sense of disunity.