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Works from 5 projects in progress were exposed for the first time in the exhibition space. Nahum Tevet, Gilad Ophir, Olaf Holzapfel, Amnon Wolman and Max Frisinger collaborate with "Loushy Art & Projects" on research processes that examine the relationship between personal nature and the artistic language they have developed.
Tevet's language demarcates spaces through lines and encounters and "puts on the table" what is invisible to the eye. Ophir's project seeks to examine a professional theme that links camera, light and music. Holzapfel deconstructs local images through historical symbols of Jewishness and Israeliness. Frisinger deals with the myth of re-usage as a symbol of cultural effort, exposing the footprint that tries to remove what is outside the bon ton. At the centre of Wolman's project, sound is researched as an open and environment-dependent concept.

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