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AES+F - The Liminal Space Trilogy / Fresh Paint 6 / Project

AES+F, the most prominent contemporary art group in Russia, retuned to Israel to present a new wide-scope video work at the Fresh Paint Art Fair in Tel Aviv. The Liminal Space Trilogy premiered at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow and at the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin in September 2012 to much acclaim, and has been gaining international exposure and interest. The last time AES+F was presented in Israel was the Last Riot in 2008 at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

The Liminal Space Trilogy creates an aesthetic which stems from a postmodern sensibility and worldview. It weaves together an exceptionally wide range of symbols and images – from the iconography of Soviet Russia, to symbols from well-known classical works, through Christian saints and theological conceptions. These are all “reproduced” in new spaces, using computer animation and referencing images from the world of advertisement and video games. The high culture of the classical age meets the low mass culture of the consumer age, creating the picture of a dream which is half futuristic half baroque, and which includes and deconstructs both simultaneously.

The group’s works have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale (2007), the Biennale of Sidney (2009) and the Moscow Biennale (2011) and in dozens of galleries and museums around the world, and can be found in museums and private collections.

AES+F are represented in Israel by Keren Bar Gil and Ari Fruchter.

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