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Possible Injuries / Fresh Paint 6 / Project

Dror Daum’s new works invite the viewers to contemplate the changing character of a single photograph taken from a series. The source of the photographs is a guide book for young gymnasts printed in 1976. A combined ensemble of photography and sculptural installations serves Daum to reendow the subjects of the photographs with an individual personality – from anonymous models to singular, unique characters, who demand a new reading relationship. At the same time the work makes a connection between the competitive character of the physical activity and the art field, bringing into the discussion concepts such as “execution”, “sacrifice”, “work-discipline”, “personal price” and so on. In addition, as the name of the project suggests, Daum wishes to disrupt the reading of the sequentially-structured series: he extracts from each series one single photograph, establishing a new relationship between it and the viewer.

Dror Daum