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Heart for the Tin Man / Fresh Paint 5 / Project

Does a machine, any machine, create alienation just by virtue of being a machine? The answer, as far as Liat Segal and Assaf Talmudi are concerned, is negative. Machines, according to them, do not create alienation as long as those using them build them on their own, and as long as they are not expected to be useful. The performance Heart for the Tin Man is a celebration of homemade machines, which have nothing to do with usefulness or usability – in the sense we usually attach to these terms. At the centre of the performance stands a large robot, painting enormous abstract paintings in acrylic. The robot creates in response to human and mechanical voices and to the sounds of acoustic and robotic musical instruments that surround it. The audio and visual structures are open-ended, and only subordinated to the interaction between the robotic parts and the human playing.

Robotic Action Painting and Music show
Special Guests: Shlomi Shaban - Piano
Eyal Talmudi – Reeds

Supported by an anonymous friend, who lives far but is close to our hearts!