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The Artist and Dr. Weiss / Fresh Paint 5 / Project

The Artist and Dr. Weiss uses shadows to describe the story of an artist who arrives for psychotherapy treatment following a creative block. The imagery and aesthetics of the project reference the Gothic Revival movement of the 19th century and its popular reincarnation in the 20th century. The shadow play occurs behind a model of the Strawberry Hill Villa set in the center of the room. The main window on the facade functions as a screen that opens the story outwards and draws the viewer in. The narrative touches upon the obscurity and spooky inner demons that haunt the artistic process. A complex force field between the rational and the not-rational is woven inside the clinic. The roles of the therapist and the patient are reversed, and the next great creation comes forth into existence.

With the support of

Meital Katz MinerboMaya Attoun