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The last part of U.S. Route 550, and the most challenging to drive, is called “the Million Dollar Highway”. This stretch of the road is characterised by sharp curves, steep cliffs, and a deep gorge with no guardrails. In their work, Turjeman and Arad wish to highlight the power of the road’s image by giving it a different appearance. To do this, they transform the image twice: first into a painting and secondly into a printed photograph of the painting which is attached to a windowpane. Excitement and wonder are felt in front of this illusion, which does not produce a duplicate of the original, but rather transcends it and offers something richer, full of gloriousness and spectacularity. The inevitable awareness of the work’s presumption to hypnotise the viewer’s gaze and the allusion to this awareness, implicate the artistic event in an ethical conspiracy, in which art consciously fools the viewer.

With the support of

Lihi Turjeman