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Local Cloud / Fresh Paint 5 / Project

Elad Larom’s painting installation unfurls a local cultural front, which operates simultaneously on several levels of consciousness – the complete image consists of simple and recognised categories, yet its cultural import exceeds the sum of its parts; from the manipulative associations between the paintings a saturated cloud rises up, about to pour down its load. The dynamics between the images, which blend into one single mass, moves on the seductive continuum between matter and spirit. Matter is popular, highjacked, breached, and is served up in variations with an unpredictable narrative progression; this is the myth of the local conception of matter in its unresolved, controversial state. A moment before the transformation, when it is saturated and overflowing with mystery, the cloud casts a dim shadow. The cloud does not reveal in its route a clear choice of either the course of pleasure or of apocalypse.

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Elad Larom