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Archive / Fresh Paint 5 / Project

This exhibition is not a nostalgic exhibition. The archive in the title does not allude to an act of conservation, but rather to a real place, containing folders with millions of palpable negatives, a kind of photographic field. When the artists participating in the project were invited to create work for it, they were given one condition: to maintain a material and tangible encounter with the past that is kept in the archive of the Zalmania, and to respond to it in their work. When delving into the endless body of work made by photographer Rudi Weissenstein, the historical owner of HaZalmania and one of the country’s first photographers, the artists looked for a subject, a term, a concept or an image, something to stimulate them into creation.The project Archive seeks to use existing photography, this past treasure, to open up a new field of possibilities and actions in the present. The fact that the artists participating in the project have all found what they were looking for – a distant hint of themselves – proves that, despite everything, a great mystery is a past made of photographic materials, and that it is able to influence us, who are living today.

Artists: David Adika, Uri Gershuni, Orly Maiberg, Meital Katz Minervo, Gideon Rubin, Etty Schwartz, Karin Segal, Chen Shish, Tamar Tal
Curator: Iris Rywkind Ben Zour
Initiators: Ben Peter and Iris Rywkind Ben Zour
Assistant curator: Keren Goldberg
Producer and Photographer: Danielle Faigenbaum
Writer: Amir Kliger

Uri GershuniMeital Katz Minerbo