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Uncanny / Fresh Paint 5 / Project

Relating to the “non-event”, Amit Berlowitz calls the space she is exploring “the ripple of an occurrence”. Like her other works, the video piece Hide and Seek, as well as the still photographs presented here at the fair, Pavo and Deer, dissolve the distinction between the narrative, the staged and the imagined. It seems that Berlowitz offers the disintegrating narrative as only a starting point for reading the works, and that most of all we are dealing with a state of consciousness.The video piece Hide and Seek takes shape within a poetic, almost abstract dimension, displaying the characteristics of a dream. Although ostensibly nothing happens in it, the experience of watching it gradually becomes charged with tension and with a sense of anxiety and vigilance, due to a feeling of disrupted familiarity. That flavour of something familiar yet unreal, unpredictable and enigmatic, is also evoked by Berlowitz’s still photographs – a photograph that captures a male peacock in a rare moment of flight, thus recording a physical ability which it has lost over the years, and a photograph of a lone deer wandering freely in a snowy Israeli wood.

Curator: Neta Gal-Azmon
Initiator and Producer: Revital Alcalay

Amit Berlowitz