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Ad Halom (So Far) / Fresh Paint 5 / Project

The School of Art, Social Studies and Culture at Sapir College is proud to present the exhibition Ad Halom, named after the station that marks the halfway point between Tel Aviv and Sderot, and the bridge over the Lachish River. The exhibition features young artists, students and graduates of the school. The works shown at Ad Halom were created in a variety of media – video, painting, sculpture, photography, drawing and installation. The themes that the works deal with point to a curiosity – material, political, gender related, medium related and poetical – that is embodied in them in a host of images. It is a collection of touches, some subtle, hesitant and tactile and some sharp and biting, but all fresh and intriguing.

Artists: Barak Dali, Hadar Rabinovitch, Sharon Ken-Dor, Tair Shefi, Hagit Titievsky, Limor Max, Reut Ben Harush, Ruth Picado, Danit Melman Shaked and Cecilia Bogdanovic.
Curator: Naomi Aviv

The project was made possible by the kind support of friends of the School of Art, Social Studies and Culture, Sapir College.

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