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White Cube / Fresh Paint 5 / Project

A different thinking about the link between modern architecture and mental upheavals emerges from this exhibition. Two artists from France, an Israeli male artist and an Israeli female artist living in New York, deal with the relations between their work and physical and mental architectonic spaces – human existence, the conscious and the subconscious.The speedy skateboarding on environmental sculptures in Raphaël Zarka’s work, Diti Almog’s sterile-to-the point of obsession paintings, the exploration of external visibility in Nimrod Reuveni’s restrained sculptures, which deal with the mute decline of buildings, or the way in which Jordi Colomer rebuilds the white cube as a chaotic scene, all intensify states of anxiety over the danger held in the visual quietness of modern architecture, and re-examine its functionality.

Artist: Diti Almog, Raphaël Zarka, Jordi Colomer, Nimrod Reuveni.
Curator: Marie Shek

Nimrod Reuveni