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The Field / Fresh Paint 5 / Project

The work The Field tries to explore the mathematical concept of the “field” (an algebraic structure) through the sculptural language. The installation centres on a dry cornfield, comprising 250 corn stems with identical genetic traits, arranged in a matrix in the space. An artificial trampling action has destroyed one of the field’s corners, disrupting the calculated order of the stems. Despite the action’s violent nature, the destruction is revealed only when walking around the work; In this installation, Hummel employs mathematical terminology to produce tension – disruption and malfunction in the field’s organised structure turn it from a space of fertility, yield and prosperity into a disaster zone, instilling a sense of unease.

The work had shown at Pavilion am Milchhof Berlin in September 2012.

Special thanks to: Rawhe Bashete, Avi Pines and Daniel Baharier, Meital Raz, and Shira Tabachnik

With the support of

Orly Hummel