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Nagarya & StudioKnob / Fresh Paint 9 / Project

Design Museum Holon Choice

"Both Matters" is a capsule collection of furniture pieces that constitute parts from old furniture, layers of acrylic glass, and light fixtures. Designed by Nagaria (Amir Raveh) and StudioKnob (Adi Azar and Yotam Shifroni,) this project represents manual skills and digital technology combined.

Curator: Michal Vital

The Museum’s team, headed by Maya Dvash Acting Chief Curator, is proud to announce Design Museum Holon selection for Fresh Paint 9’s. The choosen project Both Matters, co-designed by Nagaria (Amir Raveh) and StudioKnob (Adi Ezer and Yotam Shifroni).

The project was selected from the promising designers exhibiting at the Design section and will be granted professional guidance by the museum during 2017.