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Tal Nisim / Fresh Paint 9 / Artists' Greenhouse

Curator's Choice Award

The artwork Fine 1 by artist Tal Nisim is the winner of Fresh Paint 9’s Curator’s Choice Prize. 

The prize was awarded Nisim for the following (among others) reasons: In his works, Nisim creates delicate poetic illusions. His work Fine 1 is alluring and bewildering to viewers with its charming and pleasant colors. The derelict ruins of the building can be perceived as a Doll House or as fantastic ruins, isolated and monumental that glow against the background of romantic skies. A second look, with the work’s name resonating and the realization that it refers to the physical address of the building, uncovers the deception. The work is loaded with a powerful message, confronting the viewers with relevant issues such as gender, class, exploitation, violence and the sex industry. 

Tal Nisim