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Juan Cappa / Basketlamps

Floor, celling and table lamps

These lamps are inspired by processes of working and experimenting with the materials, solid wood and veneer, and also by baskets; not only by their shape, but also how they are made and the way we use them. 

 Frej Wichmann / The Bubble Cabinet

The Bubble Cabinet can be built with very few found objects: a lathe powered by a bicycle, a plastic bag shredder, and a rope making machine. It can be produced in places that have no electricity, while at the same time serving as a way to handle waste.

Kyuhyung Cho / A Love Letter typed in Garden Font

Kyuhyung Cho creates “pictograph fonts”. While less readable in the traditional sense, these fonts offer fresh aesthetics and open up more possibilities in ways of use. With the help of Garden and Creature fonts, he transformed a love letter written by D into the flower prints.

Frej WichmannKyuhyung Cho Juan Cappa