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Moved Room / Fresh Paint 5 / Project

In the installation Moved Room Kleine and Ben-Tolila continue their artistic exchange on dimensionality, color, material, and habits of seeing by combining sculptural and pictorial elements based on landscape impressions. Thus, we witness the interplay between natural scenery and artificially created spaces both in form of a three dimensional installation and as two dimensional paintings. However, they are not interested in a reproduction of reality, but rather in the diversity of possible variations of forms and the continuous creation of new spaces though a process of reduction of that reality. With the jointly developed project, Ben-Tolila and Kleine introduce a constant process of reflection between drawing and installation, where the structures in Ben-Tolila´s works are developing into physical experiences in the installation by Kleine and the spatial arrangements of the installation are resonating in the paintings.

Initiators and curating: Friederike Schir and Patricia Gropp

Matan Ben-Tolila