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Fresh Paint 8 / 2016

Fresh Paint Fair No. 8 opened in April 2016. More than 30,000 people attended, and it was located where the Levant Fair stood during early 20th century.

Israel’s leading art galleries participated, and the works of 46 independent emerging artists were on display at the Artist’s Greenhouse.  New collections by some of Israel’s finest designers were exhibited for the first time at the Fresh Design section which also exhibited additional special projects such as:  Designer Collector exhibition, initiated by Fresh Paint and curated by Renana Benit, and a presentation of three selected designers from the Design Greenhouse in Stockholm.

Fresh Paint Fair 8 hosted its first international thematic exhibition as a tribute to the glorious past, distant flavors, and exotic scents, brought forth by the Levant Fair back in the day. The show was titled Tilted and comprised of site-specific installations and performance art by fascinating artists from Japan, Israel, Romania, and Senegal. It probed into our world’s unstable conditions, in particular the refugee phenomenon, displacement, loneliness, violence, coping with anxiety, searching for a way out, and finding refuge in the creation of new worlds.

At the Artists’ Greenhouse, auction house Sotheby’s Under the Hammer experts selected the work of Mark Yashaev. At the Video Greenhouse, Maya Smira was the winner of the Outset award, and at the Fresh Design Greenhouse, designer Chen Bikovski won the XNET public choice award.  

Fresh paint’s roaring social project The Secret Postcard raised, by selling 900 postcards, 160,000 NIS dedicated to supporting the excelling program of the Meyerhoff Art Education Center. The project continued its fruitful cooperation with the Marmelada Market site, where online early disclosure and selling of the postcards took place a few days before the opening of the fair.

A number of unique artistic projects were showcased at the fair. The joint launch - by Israel, the United Kingdom, and Turkey - of the interactive platform Mix the City Istanbul, was supported by the British Council. Sapir College presented the Alelai (Alas) solo exhibition of Sapir's graduate Dganit Ben Admon.

Fresh Paint’s Salon featured a special program in cooperation with Talkhouse, as well as workshops for the whole family.