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Fresh Paint 10 - Decade Edition

A decade had passed since our dreams have crystalized into ideas, plans, and thoughts that were translated into actions, and finally materialized in the form of an art fair. Since the launch of the first Fresh Paint Fair in 2008, year after year we have spared no efforts in order to make our dreams a reality, continue to develop our ideas, and strive to realize the vision that we outlined when we first embarked on this journey – to make our contribution to the resilience of Israel’s cultural sphere.

We stand before this double digit, round, typological and charged number in astonishment.
Us? Ten?! How is that even possible? After all, everything still feels so entrepreneurial, so fresh.

Every year we buckle up, gird our loins, and take a deep breath as we prepare for our journey to the next fair. Look for the best participants and exhibitions, develop the most relevant content, form collaborations with the right institutions, plan interesting events, and, above all, find a place. Find our place. This year we'll be celebrating the past decade with a number of special projects that express the spirit of the fair and the artistic impetus that we wish to continue in the years to come.

Here’s to the next decade!


No Other Place - Decade Exhibition

Ten Years. Thoughts about a path, about walking the line, and outside the line. About borders, about their transgression. About a horizon – is there one? About complex, long-term, at times cyclical, but never meaningless, processes. Every year, we have the privilege of closely accompanying the artists who participate in Fresh Paint’s Independent Artists’ Greenhouse. Making first introductions in the personal interview, holding the conference where we meet in full force for the first time (and the last, until the actual fair), visit studios up and down Israel, answer hundreds of emails and...read more

Monumental Artwork for Tel Aviv Convention Center

Special Project for Fresh Paint’s 10th Anniversary – Monumental Artwork for Tel Aviv Convention Center In honor of Fresh Paint fair’s decade edition, the Tel Aviv Convention Center invited us to create a monumental mural on the façades of the pavilions hosting the fair. As the fair’s curators, we approached the artists Boaz Sides (aka Untay) and Lior Bentov (aka PESH) of Prettimess collective to create a large-scale work of art that aspires to convey a message of hope and a universal human longing for boundless freedom. In a complex collaborative process of intensive, soulful and insightful...read more