21.5.13 > 25.5.13

Under the Hammer

Sotheby’s auction house's experts select one noteworthy work out of the independent artists' works exhibited at Fresh Paint’s Greenhouse. The work is then included in Sotheby’s international and Israeli art December auction in New York. All the sale expenses are paid by Sotheby’s, and all the proceeds go to the artist.


Committee Members: 

Sigal Mordechai, Managing Director of Sotheby's Israeli
Rivka Saker, Chairman Sotheby's in Israel
Daria Gluck, Sotheby's expert on Israeli art
Sonya Beckerman, Sotheby's, New York

Liat Elbling
In her works Liat Elbling creates an intriguing and challenging interior that references functionality and dysfunctionality in architecture. In these photographs Liat returns to art’s basic characteristics: perspective, light and shade, the relationship between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, and encounters between materials, colours and textures. In presenting the work the artist creates a “clean” and complete object. We at Sotheby’s are very intrigued and look forward to seeing the future unfolding of Liat Elbling’s fascinating artistic work.