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Artists' Greenhouse

The Independent Artists Greenhouse is an original model, which exhibits works by about 50 Israeli emerging artists. The Greenhouse artists are selected every year by a changing panel, through a unique process, ensuring the fair’s artistic quality and high level of professionalism. The twelve members of the Greenhouse admissions committee, comprising curators, gallery directors, art critics and collectors from Israel and abroad, rate anonymous online portfolios and select the artists to proceed to the next stage. In the second stage the fair’s curators hold personal interviews with the top rated artists, to make the final selection. In the final stage, the fair's curators make studio visits to choose the works for display at the Greenhouse.

Selection Panel Members 2013:
Igal Ahouvi . Collector
Miryam Charim . Charim gallery, Vienna, Austria
Ruth Direktor . Chief Curator, Haifa Museum of Art
Dr. Thomas Elsen . Head of H2 Museum, Augsburg, Germany
Raphie Etgar . Artistic Director and Curator, Museum on the Seam
Inga Gallery . Netta Eshel and Revital Gal 
Tami Katz-Freiman . Contemporary Art Curator, Miami
Roi Kuper . Photographer
Dalia Levin . Director, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art
Raw Art Gallery . Shimon Ben Shabat and Nogah Davidson
Timna Seligman . Curator of Ticho House
Sarit Shapira . Curator, Igal Ahouvi Art Collection