26.4.18 > 30.4.18

Maccabee Beer’s Dream Project

Untitled (Offroad), Tal Engelstein

Following last year’s successful collaboration with Fresh Paint Fair, Maccabee

Beer is reaffirming its commitment to promoting local art. A call for proposals

issued by Maccabee Beer yielded over 100 proposals for large-scale art

installations that were laid on the table of a curatorial committee headed by

curator Edna Moshenson. After thorough discussion, the committee selected

Untitled (Offroad), by Tal Engelstein, and provided full funding for this


In Untitled (Offroad), Engelstein brings together cypress treetops and an off-

road motorcycle. The bike is caught up among the treetops as if in the

aftermath of a motorcycle stunt gone wrong. Frazzled wires stick out from the

bike, transmitting electricity through the treetops. The electrified encounter

between the bike and cypress trees is a sight that brings to mind a scientific

experiment, reorganised by a crash. Bike rider’s latent desire to ascend

upwards is embodied by the running engine that keeps charging the treetops

allowing high voltage electric sparks to pass between the treetops and make

them appear to be communicating.