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Roman Sakin

Artistic Pollination, or Stylized Plants

Artistic Pollination is a utopia existing in the artist’s imagination and fleshed out in his graphic art and objects. The project’s realization, though, is hampered by the imperfection of modern technology.

At this stage, in collaboration with a scientist, the project sets out to describe the impossible conditions under which it could be realized.
The concept of Stylized Plants is a development of the Stylized Parks (the Russian version of French Formal Gardens) concept. Such parks symbolize the power of humans over nature and exist mainly for the aesthetic pleasure of the onlooker. Stylized Plants are essentially the topiary of the future. Continuing the traditions of styling, plants have a geometrically defined shape with expressed symmetry. However, unlike stylized parks, stylized plants do not necessarily form groups; they usually stand on their own. Stylized parks flourished during the epoch of absolutism, when Louis XIV said: “I am the state.” Stylized plants, however, flourish during epochs of equality, when everyone can say: “The state is me.” This is why stylized plants are accessible and easy to grow — one simply needs to have intellect and to avoid slave labor.
Stylized plants are created by pollinating a wild plant with modified pollen. The pollen contains a growth program for future generations of the plant.